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The HP press compactor effectively minimizes the volume of waste material within bins by compressing the material directly into the bin. A significant portion of general waste placed loosely in bins is occupied by trapped air in bags or gaps between materials. Employing the bin press to compact the waste enables businesses to decrease the number of bins in their waste disposal area. This model not only conserves space required for waste disposal but also reduces the expenses associated with bin charges, as fewer bins are required.

gPRESSHP1100 mockup.png


About us:

We have been manufacturing waste management devices since 2007. Our trash compactors are available worldwide. The products are optimizing waste management in many countries across the globe. The HP1100 version, is for large waste containers, whereas the HP360 is for smaller size waste bins. We're excited to be bringing this innovation to the United States of America, intending to optimize the waste management system, creating a greener future for future generations.

We are open to business opportunities around the world, that would help us integrate our product into existing waste management systems. Manufacturing both in Europe and the United States.



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